This morning I decided it was time to go through my linen closet and sort out towels, placemats, sheets, etc. and put them in the proper stacks, not just where my kids have shoved them, so that we can locate the things I know should be in there. This took me about 20 minutes, as I had to refold several items. Then I moved on to the next job on my list, and did that..

And suddenly I realized that my 2yo is missing… he is WAY to silent to be behaving himself.. so I start looking, I knew he had headed down the hall, so I check the girls room, and his… then PLOP something fell out of the linen closet, it is a table cloth off the second shelf, so I open the cabinet… and there, curled in a ball on the second shelf, is my 2yo.. grinning like the monkey he is. So I pulled him out and told him that was not a play place, if he must crawl into a cabinet use the dirty clothes cabinet, (where he and the girls play regularly) cause there are no shelves in there for him to fall off of or break!