Its Veteran’s Day

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and being the grand child of two vets, and the spouse to another, not to mention the numerous friends and other family members who are also Vets, it is a holiday that is close to my heart. So when my 8 year old mentioned this weekend that there was no school on Tuesday, I took the opportunity to make sure she understands what the holiday is about. I asked her if she knew why there is no school today, she said it is Vet’s Day. I continued to question her what exactly it meant, and she said Veterinarian’s Day, but she knew the concept honoring those in our military, she was just getting the words Veteran, and Veterinarian mixed up. We discussed it a little while longer, and I made her understand that we are not just honoring those we know, but all Veterans, and those who died doing the job too. She seemed to grasp the concept, but I foresee having this conversation every year, for several years to come, especially since I have 2 more children who I need to make sure understand…


As my children

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are running through the house screaming, and telling me how bored they are, I wonder…. Why was I missing them again? I should have just enjoyed the silence and ability to watch what I wanted on TV without worrying would it scare someone, or is it something little eyes shouldn’t see, or little ears hear. *sigh* I must think about dinner…

I am sure I will remember soon why I was missing them… prolly around the time my 2 year old clings to my neck for some small reason, or my 8 year old does something to be helpful…



and cleaning and cleaning, that is how we spent our day. I am talking MAJOR cleaning. moving couches and cleaning in and under them, moving all the things on the counter top and wiping down behind them and all.

And OMG the mopping. I must have mopped 8 times, I mopped until the mop didn’t come up dirty. Mind you, I have tile floors… in the desert. it is NEVER completely clean.

I am so ready for it to be bed time so I can have the relative peace of no running or screaming kids.

that time of day

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rolls around again. As I put the baby in bed, for the third time, and have the older kids gather up their dirty laundry and pick up after themselves, in preparation for going to bed, I start considering what I will need to do tomorrow.

the start of the grocery list,

the to do list,

Meal planning,

activity planning to entertain 3 active monkeys.

is it any wonder I am exausted at the idea?Then I take a few breaths, and realize, it is quiet. ah… sweet adult time. I wonder if I should read something or watch something rated over PG-13?

Not sure

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which is gonna make me insane first, The heat, the lack of sleep, or the children. Maybe all 3.

My 2 year old has quit napping, so by the end of the day, he is cranky and hard to deal with. Plus, he is waking up really really early, 4:30 yesterday, 4:00 this morning, and today, just as I managed to drag my half asleep ass in to him, he is crawling back into bed. So I laid him back down, and went back to bed myself. Only to be awoken for the day just 2 1/2 short hours later (need I mention that this brought my grand total of sleep last night to just 4 hours?)

On top of the fact that is is pushing 6pm and it is still over 100 outside.

Why Me?

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my 6 year old is about to make me insane. She keeps chasing her brother around the house and taking his toys away, just to hear him scream. I think they are both very, very close to bed! And only an hour early!

Swimsuits. argh.

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I knew my girls needed new swim suits this year. Their old ones were just too tiny, and plumb worn out. So I started looking. I hit my staple store, the local Super Walmart, and look around. they had about 10,000 two piece suits and maybe 15 one piece suits. So I start digging. I am not going to buy my 6 year old and 8 year old two piece suits, partly, cause I refuse to allow my 6 and 8 year old children to dress like they are 20!

I did finally manage to find two one piece suits, in the right sizes, that didn’t have legs cut to the armpits. They are kinda plain, no cartoon characters, no really wild colors, but they are still cute, and seem sturdy enough to last at least the summer.

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