Drama / Fantasy, Released in 2010, Starring Matt Damon, Cecile De France, Bryce Dallas Howard.

A professional woman has near death experience in an island tsunami, and upon returning to her life is haunted by what she remembers.

A boy looses his twin brother to a tragic accident and  struggles to deal with his death.

And a man who can connect with the spirits of those past but struggles with what the experience does to him, and to those he lets know of it.

All these people have death touch them in some way, what differs is how they deal with it. Can they find peace with who they are and their lives?


This was good, you hopped from one person to another, following the story of each, but it wasn’t hard to follow. One person’s story was mainly in french which meant you had to watch subtitles, not one of my favorite things, but still a good movie.