Action / Thriller, Released in 2011, Starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson

Taking up where the previous movie left off, Brian, the ex-FBI agent helps Mia break her brother Dom out of jail, or in this case, transport to jail, and they all flee to South America, with DSS Agent Hobbs hot on their tails. Once in Brazil the trio becomes involved in a heist that lands them on the wrong side of the drug lord that runs the city. Determined to make one last heist and best the drug lord at the same time, they stay in Rio. Maneuvering around Hobbs and his men they plan the heist, but will they get to execute it before Hobbs finds them?


Ok, I admit, I loved this, The story was not bad, but not great either. The cars were pretty good, but the action and eye candy were excellent, and really, other than fast cars, cool driving tricks, and hot actors, why else would someone watch a Fast and Furious movie?