and I greet it grudgingly.

Yes, I did sleep last night, much better than the night before, and I was not happy when the alarm went off and I had to get up. I did the math, Yesterday I ran for twenty hours on three hours sleep. I’m still amazed I survived. And that I didn’t rip anyone’s head off in the process.

And even bigger accomplishment than not ripping someone’s head off? I managed to make seven pages in my current book. That’s as many as I’ve been able to make I 2-3 days recently. Going to have to get off the internet more often.

I didn’t manage to see NCIS last night, Between getting the kids in bed and waiting for the Hubster to do what he needed to do the last of my energy fled and I all but passed out waiting for him in bed. I was still awake enough to know when he joined me, but only barely.

My agenda for today is much simpler than yesterday. I have to take kids to school, run to the grocery store and get gas, after that it’s household stuff till school lets out.. and we have 2 practices tonight, plus a softball game. Luckily Hubster will help out with practices, I just have to drop one kid off, then take the oldest to the game, Hubster will take the youngest to practice, then pick up the middle child on their way home (the timing worked out perfect with that one.)

I’m hoping I can watch last night’s NCIS, and then sit down and focus and get some major pages done today.