Tuesday means a lot of things this week.

  1. My long awaited phone renewal date is today. Why have I been waiting for that? Because the external speaker on my existing phone has been cutting in and out for the last six weeks or so, making it very difficult at times to know when I have an incoming call. When the speaker is not working I have to either have the phone in my line of vision so I can see the screen light up or against my body in some way so I can feel it vibrate, not at all handy for a person who often has no pockets. I know what phone  I want, the trick is finding it for a price I’m willing to pay.
  2. A late evening for the family, the kids and I have 2 practices, starting at 5:30 and ending at 9pm, not overlapping, which at least means no rushing back and forth between them to get the kids there on time, or pick them up, but because Hubster also has class until 8:30, it means that all 3 kids will be getting into bed after bedtime.
  3. Three books on my want to read list are released today. Most notably, or more accurately, the one I’m most eager for, is Spider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep, it’s the latest in the Elemental Assassin series.
  4. I need to go to my step-mom’s house and see if I can figure out what’s wrong with her computer, it’s connecting to the internet but not letting her browse, I suspect I accidently disabled something last night when I was trying to get her to connect, before I remembered that Dell computers running XP use the Dell utility to connect to wireless networks. It really shouldn’t take me that long to fix.
  5. It’s Tuesday… That means NCIS is on, even if I’ll be busy when it airs, my DVR will catch it (and my other Tuesday night shows) and I’ll get to watch it once I get home.
  6. Another hot day. It’s officially fall now, but it seems someone has forgotten to tell Mother Nature that 100+ degree temperatures are not a fall thing, they’re supposed to be relegated to the days of summer… I want cooler weather.