Life has just been insanely busy. Three kids on three sports teams, plus two school, on top of Hubster being in school too has led to a totally insane schedule. With the exception of nights that storms cancel things, we have had at least one event every weekday night for weeks. And now we’ve started soccer games on Saturdays. There are evenings when I do nothing but drive for 3 hrs straight trying to drop each kid off, and pick them up on time. I need more time in the day… I need fewer things to do.. and I need a car (at least for around town driving) that gets better gas mileage.

To top it all off, my A/C quit on Saturday… Hubster was in a tizzy, understandably to an extent, we just replaced the water heater, we can’t afford a major A/C repair right now… We called the maintenance company anyway (we’ve been using the same company since we moved in.) They told me a Saturday call is over time, that’s $90 an hour… how much is weekday calls? $75 an hour… really? I expected the difference to be much larger…  After about 10 seconds consideration, I told them to come out anyway… My justification? I would have spent far more than $15 on food for the weekend after I refused to cook in a house that’s 90 degrees inside. See… I was saving us money.

Anyway, the A/C guy shows up… looks over the thermostat inside, sees what’s going on, and goes up on the roof to look at the unit… He was up there less than five minutes before the A/C turned on. HALLELUJAH!! (btw, that’s a funny looking word) He billed us for a full hour, as they charge travel time too, I don’t really care, I had my A/C back and that’s what really mattered. Turns out it was a burnt wire and Hubster stressed that whole time for a very small issue, typical.

Back to the point, I’m alive, at least for now… Our family’s insane schedule hasn’t killed me yet..