for all the kids, and so far it’s kicking my ass.

Yesterday I hadn’t gotten to bed till 1am (drill weekend, Hubster didn’t get home till almost midnight.) and the alarm unmercifully went off at 6. I wanted to throw it across the room.

I got kid 1 and Hubster off, then an hour later took Kids 2 and 3 to school, and drove straight over to my step-mom’s. She’s moving into a much larger unfurnished house, from a furnished condo. She needs all new furniture, so we hit every furniture store in town trying to determine what was available and what would look good in the space. We got through with that in time for me to rush back and pick up kids 2 and 3 from school, Mondays are early release days.

We came home, got homework done and snacks and it was time to drive across town and get Kid 1, again to return home for an hour before driving back to town to take her to softball practice. Thankfully Hubster was able to meet me and take the younger two for the evening so they could eat and be ready to bathe when we got home, so they could go to bed and we could start over this morning.

Today, of course, we started again. For the next three days I’ll pick up kids 2 and 3, then immediately go pick up kid 1. Friday kid 1 has no school, so that makes that easier, however we have softball practice 6 days this week.

I’m sure I’ll survive, but I’m not sure how.