one of those high pitches squealing noises made by girls, and really excited women.

Why am I excited? Because early tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Vegas… Normally my reaction to Las Vegas is “Wow… hellish heat, obnoxious crowds and drunk tourists… a thrill a moment.”

Why am I so excited this time? Well, I have a couple of reasons..

  • I get to meet DaisyMoon of Knit Wits & What Knots, she and I have been online friends for several years, but never actually met in person.
  • I get to go alone. No Children. I won’t have any one pestering me to feed them, to clothe them, pestering me for a goodie, for a whole 36 hours at least.

Plus, the Hubster can spend some quality time with the kids, I think he’s planning to take them to see the new Harry Potter movie while I’m gone… (who know’s maybe I’ll go see a movie too!)