mentally working on how to wrap up the short story I’m working on. This is a common method for me. I find that when I’m stuck I can more easily work it out in that space between fully awake and asleep. I’ve been lucky so far, in that as long as I don’t wait days, I can remember what I’ve worked out the next morning. I do make an effort to write it all out the next day so I don’t lose my progress.

Last night, in that floaty place between consciousness and unconsciousness, I was able to work out the rest of my story, That’s not saying all I have to do is type it up.. I don’t work out that many details in that state, just a basic outline of what should happen. I still need to ‘flesh it out’ putting in  dialogue and actions. In simple terms I tell the story in that state, and I have to go back to the page to actually show how the story unfolds. To me, that’s the easy part, sometimes the hardest part is to figure out what is supposed to happen next. This has been my project for today.

Over all progress, I’ve made 9 pages today

Music I worked to: Theory of a Deadman, Linkin Park, Drowning Pool