We survived a month without Hubster, he’s home and I am so, so glad.

I spent much of the time he was gone like this.

cartoon and there were moments here and there that were more like that scene in Overboard where she’s sitting in the chair spaced out going “ Bu bu bu bu bu…”  I’ll admit it was harder in the beginning, and got easier as time went by. I think that something that contributed to how difficult the adjustment was, is that we went from vacation to gone. I went from having him around to help 24/7 (at least that last week) to nothing. I’m almost certain that if he’d worked some at his civilian job between the two the adjustment, for me, would have been much easier.

That said, we’re preparing for another trip. Another just for fun (escape the hellish heat, for a not quite as hellish heat.) My mom will be joining us on this trip, as well as my niece (shock of all shocks! Did I post about my sister going psycho on me and my blocking her? After checking through thing, I find I did… Here.. ) No, I’m still not talking to my sister, but apparently when she’s not picking fights with me, she can talk to our mom… So I am now getting things ready to spend a week with 3-4 adults (we’re not yet sure if my uncle’s going) and 4 kids… it will be fun, it will be a great get away. We’ll go play in the river, let the kids run wild with water guns and annoy all our neighbors. Then we’ll come home and start life again.

After we get home we’ll have more swimming lessons and it will be time to get ready for school to start. For the first time ever all 3 of my kids will be in full time school *gasp* how will I survive?? By using the time to write of course.