Several weeks ago I got a craving to see an old favorite movie of mine. Point Break. I went to my DVD stash, only to discover that the copy I knew I had must have been in VHS and never made the conversion to DVD. *sob*. No problem, it’s old enough and was popular enough it should be instant on Netflix right? um. No.

Put out, I added the DVD to my queue and went on with life… When Hubster left almost 3 weeks ago I bumped it to the top, and I have been waiting for it ever sense.. I’ve gotten several movies since, all newer, some really new, but they can’t send  me the one movie, that’s 20 years old, that I really want to see.

I got tired of waiting, I went to the local Wal-mart, figuring the disk shouldn’t be more than $5-10 and we searched. All three kids and I dug through huge bins of movies looking for the film for over an hour. No luck. I know I saw it at Circle K last week when getting the kids slushes… so we head over there… nope. ARGH. Now I’m getting frustrated. I decide to go to Amazon.. only to discover that they want $22 for it. I mean really? REALLY? I don’t pay that for a new movie, much less one that’s 20 years old.

I’ve looked on my DVD swapping site, they don’t have a copy available, Hastings doesn’t, Target doesn’t, and Best Buy doesn’t either. I may be down to calling all the movie rental places and asking them if they have a copy for sale.  (I don’t want to rent it, I know I will watch it over and over and over, it *should* be cheaper just to buy it.)

I’m not sure what to do next.