We’re doing pretty good, the kidlets are in swimming lessons, so we go out most mornings and do that. We run what ever errands we have while we’re out then I come home and hide from the heat inside my air conditioning (it’s supposed to hit 110 today!!)

I’m making good progress on my rewrites, I’m working on the FINAL SCENE!!! More then a little bit excited there. I still need to write up the synopsis and and my cover letter before I can submit it but I should be able to get all that done in the next week or so.

I talk to Hubster regularly, or at least I text him and communicate. It helps. Hearing his voice helps more, but the best was when he was deployed and we were on webcam on Yahoo! Messenger. We didn’t have voice, but I could see him, and see him moving. If you have to do a separation, that’s the best way to do it.

I’m still not sleeping worth shit, and I won’t until he’s home but I knew that would happen too.

I’m learning that I have to cut the toxicity out of my life. People who only cause trouble aren’t worth my time, and especially when I’m down one of my major support systems (Hubster,) I can’t handle it. My latest elimination is my sister. When she said that she thought Hubster would be more worried about replaceable material items than the safety or her child (and at the same time my children) it was the last straw. I’ve blocked her of Facebook, and my cell phone. I may someday speak to her again but I don’t think I’ll ever forgive her.

I can’t do anything about the way Hubster’s family treats him (and believe me, it’s not good,) but I expect, and demand better from my family. Honestly? It’s a weight off my shoulders. This was the second fight she’d picked with me since Hubster left.

I’m reminded once again how thankful I am to the friends who support me. They don’t support me blindly, if I’m thinking of doing something stupid, they council me against it. But when I need them they are there, and they don’t pick fights because they’re bored or just don’t have enough drama in their lives.