My days are starting to blur together. The kids have been home and I’ve had no escape for only 4 days, it’s really not that bad, it’s been kind of cool, and they’ve been playing in the mud. It’s the lack of sleep that’s getting to me. It always does.

Revision and rewrites have stalled. I’m just kind of burnt out on them so I’ve started a new project. A smaller, more easily manageable one. I’m writing a short erotic story. Set in the same world as the books, with different characters, in a different location. (I really like the world I’ve built, but I needed a break from the project I’ve been concentrating on for almost 9 months straight.)

Three days into the project I’m 45% of the way to my goal. Once it’s finished, I plan on submitting it to publishers… And hopefully I’ll be able to get back to (and finish) the book so it can be submitted as well.

On a side note, Laurell K  Hamilton released her new Anita Blake book  Hit List today. Yes, I’ve already read it. I enjoyed it but with a few caveats

  • it was too short. They are all too short for me, but at only 330 pages, it was short for an Anita book and I missed it.
  • I missed interaction (at all) with some of the major characters from the series, most were at least named, but no call, no interaction with them at all. There were a couple not even named. BOOO
  • The ending felt off. Yes, I am one of those freaks who ‘feels’ their way through a book. It seemed rushed and awkward. And there was on particular tidbit that was thrown out there and then the book ended and your like WHAT!??!

Will I read the next one? of course, Will I eagerly await it? of course.

I still want my own spine sheath and badge. I’m still an Anita diehard, despite the disappointment.

“Who made you judge jury and…executioner?

“The state and federal government. Now get out of my way and let me do my job.”