I hope you all had a good mother’s day. We had a pretty good one. We woke with extra kids, since the day before was kid 1’s eleventh birthday and she had a sleep-over. They got up and mixed up muffins for breakfast. And then lounged around and watched tv until parents came to pick them up, they were all gone by 11.

After that I instructed the kids to clean up the mess that they had made overnight and I went and took a long, relaxing bath. Hubster is working a new schedule, that has him working Sundays (but off on Fridays) so there was nothing going on around here (the kids were entertaining themselves, I love how they do that now that they’re older) and I had gotten very little sleep the night before (of course, the sleep-over was much more of a stay-up-over)  so I took a nap wile listening to a movie… and then I sat on my bed, letting the kids watch kid tv in the living room and watched my own tv while working on rewrites.

After Hubster got home they gave me my Mother’s Day present, the folding lap table I had been wanting for my laptop, working on my laptop in bed or in the living room is much easier now. I love it. We had other things that had to get done, and I hate the Mother’s Day crowds in restaurants so we picked up Panda Express for dinner.

While Hubster and I were watching TV in the bedroom the kids brought me the last birthday brownie warmed with melted butter on it and told me Happy Mother’s Day. Hubster was jealous and tried to convince them to make him a root beer float but he failed.