is exhausting. Six days of showing up with the park opened. Lugging around a backpack filled with water and sandwiches, riding all the rides we can manage, standing in line, herding 3 kids… My feet and ankles were ready to jump off my body and run away from home.

We hit every single ride in both parks at least once. There were only two rides which my 5yo didn’t go on, and only because he was too short. He didn’t ride the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland, and California Screamin’ (big roller coaster) in California Adventure. His favorite was the Matterhorn, though we road Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain several times each.  He particularly loved Autotopia, where he got his drivers license (several of them in fact, one for each time we rode) and when he got in the car to start driving he would say “Boogady boogady, boogady, lets go racing boys!” And once we started moving he would whip the wheel back and forth and tell me “This is how you drive Drunk!” he was hilarious.

We told the kids at the very beginning that they would each get one souvenir, on the last day we were there, so no begging for things through out the trip. They did really well until day 4 when my little got to participate in the Jedi Training Academy show. After that all he wanted was a ‘light saver’. On our last day we took him to the shop and let him build his own. He is in love with it. He has impaled, and severed all the limbs of everyone in the house, and at 5 am this morning Hubster had to tell him to turn it off and go back to sleep. Yes, he is sleeping with it.

My middle daughter chose a Tangled doll, it has hair longer than the doll is tall, she is thrilled and loving it. My oldest is out growing the toy stage. (*sob*) She chose a Mickey necklace instead of a toy. And she won’t be 11 for another couple of weeks. (*cries*)

This is our third day home, the girls are back to school, and Hubster is back to work. I’m barely recovering.