Not mine.. Hubsters…Several months ago we separated our two girls into separate bedrooms. This meant doing away with the playroom in order to do so. The dilemma in this was what to do with the kids TV. Hubster insisted that it stay in the oldest girl’s room and that she had to let her sister and brother in to watch tv and play on the wii. I wanted to find somewhere else to put them, and to let her have her room to herself. Hubster insisted that she keep them and allow them in.

Fast forward to more recently, Oldest daughter wants time to herself, but she can’t go in her room for it, because her siblings want to watch tv or play on the game. So oldest daughter has resorted to hiding in her tiny closet. When I discovered this I sent Hubster an email saying what was going on. He responds with he told me it wouldn’t work when we set it up this way.   ????? I’m the one who wanted to put the tv elsewhere and he insisted it stay there… Oldest daughter was as blown away by his statement as I was.

The difficulty here is that Hubster will determine what he want’s and that’s the only way it’s allowed to be (it’s easier not to fight about it. if I want something different, I wait till he’s not home for a weekend and then put things how I want them, he won’t change it back once he gets home.)

So I talked things over with Oldest daughter, and we came up with a plan to get the kids tv out of her room. The difficulty would be convincing her father. The change would effect 3 rooms, and 11 pieces of furniture.

So Hubster comes home.. we show him our plan, he doesn’t like it.. (duh, there’s a shocker!) He says he had some ideas of his own, but when I ask what they were, he can’t tell me. (he had no ideas, but he didn’t want us to go with the one I had drawn up.) So I told him one of the other options we had come up with, his desk going into our bedroom, because he will be starting his university classes in the fall, and he likes to study away from the rest of us.

So once again, we get out the tape measure, and come up with a new plan, the new plan effects 4 rooms, and 13 pieces of furniture, including moving my California-king size water bed frame, and hanging a tv on the wall. Since we don’t have the mount for the tv, this plan is going to take much longer to accomplish.

I don’t care, I’m starting today. if he doesn’t like it he can help get it done, I’m tired of waiting for him to decide how my house is decorated and arranged.