last week during our cold front I had a stroke of inspiration, unfortunately it wasn’t for the editing and writing I was trying to do at the time, it was knitting inspiration. Knowing that the only way to get the insistent drive to make this item to leave me was to actually make it, I found a similar pattern (because a pattern for exactly what I wanted wasn’t available) a suitable yarn and needles and I got started. I started them on Thursday and I finished on Tuesday morning. They were just what I had in mind. IMG_0014

Typing gloves. Gloves that cover the fingers almost to the tip. The fingers stop about where my fingernails start so that I have just the tips exposed to type with. I was thrilled. Until I tried to type with them. They are too thick to let me type well. They slow me to maybe 1/3 of my usual speed and they cut accuracy as well. These were made with fingering weight yarn on US 1.5 needles. I can think of many things they will be great for, but typing just won’t be one of them.

So, I have started a pair in lace weight on 00 needles (ribbing is one size smaller so ribbing is in 000 needles.) The fabric on the new ones should be light enough to keep from inhibiting my typing, while the wool they are made from should still keep my fingers toasty. The new pair will take longer to make. trust me. But if they turn out to be all I’m hoping for they’ll be worth it.