I have been struggling with this chapter that didn’t want to be written for days. Until today. I had two kids with soccer practice at the same time (this happens every week, unless someone is sick or Hubster has Weekend Warrior that keeps him from helping, it’s dealt with.) And because I have been having trouble I didn’t take my netbook to work on, like I usually do. Instead I grabbed the composition book I used to take all my notes in while planning out the book and a pen. I dropped off two kids and took kid 3 to her practice and while waiting for her I sat down with my pen and paper and got busy. I had a few slow moments but in an hours time I had written out four full pages. I had a good start on the chapter.

We got through with the practice thing and came home, I got the family through the dinner ordeal that always happens on Friday night when we get home at dinner time, everyone’s tired and no one wants to cook. Sent the Hubster back to work (not a normal thing but occasionally he goes in for some time in the evenings.) The kids are being vegetables in front of the TV since it’s Friday night and there’s no set bed time (generally 10, or when they annoy me.) So I put on my head phones and started typing up that four pages.

Of course, I can’t just straight type it up I have to add to it and make changes, enhance and edit it some, it’s still not perfect but it is a start, and it’s a good start. I’m satisfied.