I got up at 7:00 this morning to find the outside temperature at 31.8. Through the process of getting the only child well enough to go to school ready we kept an eye on the temperature, the lowest we saw was 30.5 officially freezing here in hell. The child who went to school left the house (she bikes) bundled in 5 layers. Mind you, we own no real coats, and we have no heat in the house. Thankfully the temperature in the house didn’t drop below 60, which is still plenty cool to us.

I realize 30 and 60 don’t sound like much to those stuck in the really cold temps back east, but when you consider that when they have 90 degrees and are dying in the heat, we have 120 and it’s normal. If you do the math, 30 to us is like 0 to them. See… it’s cold. And I don’t know what you set your AC to in the summer, but ours gets set to 83, which is hot to me, but we can’t afford to go any lower.

I have been doing all our laundry and baking things just to warm it up in here some.