I have one. and he is a hoot. He is the youngest of my children and there is 4.5 years between him and his next oldest sibling. I will state that he is a bit advanced for his age, It’s normal for him to wander around the house counting to 100, or spelling the names of everyone in the house. He plays the computer and video games that his older sisters (ages 9 and 10) play, with as much ease and skill (unless it requires reading, He’s being stubborn about actually reading) as they do.

This morning he is going through my games cabinet (which is not small, and packed) and pulling out one game at a time, playing it by himself for a little while, before putting it away and getting out something else. He told me this morning as I was walking by the cabinet where he was pulling out a new game that he couldn’t play chess, as he had already played it, and he has already gotten his 34 points and won the game. After further investigation, I discovered that 34 points in any game means you win.

This makes me wonder several things.

  1. How do you score points in chess?
  2. How did he arrive at 34 as the magic number for winning?
  3. How on earth did he manage to score 34 points when he was playing Yahzee by himself?
  4. Monopoly?
  5. Life?
  6. Candy Land?

I could see it when he was playing Ants in the Pants, but he has played a large array of games that are way above his age level today, and I guess, if you don’t know the rules, you just make them up.