This is kind of a blow my own horn post. I’m looking back at how much things have changed for me over the last three years since I started the blog.

Let’s see… where was I in my life 3 years ago?

  • I‘d moved to the Third Circle of Hell only 6 weeks earlier, while the winters were nice and warm, I missed real cold weather. Shorts in January is nice but not when you have heat so hot you step out into it and your brain bakes instantly and that heat lasts from April through October.
  • I owned and was managing a women’s message board, it was very very stressful and I was not easy to get along with.
  • I had one child in second grade, one in kindergarten and one still in diapers.
  • I was totally obsessed with knitting.
  • I was still trying to get my house unpacked from the move.
  • I was renting my home.
  • I was still putting up with my sister treating me like the mud she didn’t want to track inside her life.
  • I knew no one other than my in laws in my new town.
  • I was reading at a rate of about 200 books a year.


How is my life now?

  • I’ve been living in the Third Circle of Hell for over 3 years now, I still dislike it, but don’t totally hate it, except when it’s too hot to think. Having solar panels on the house helps, it means I can afford to set the air conditioner at a temperature low enough that I don’t get heat migraines. (but still not low enough to actually be comfortable.)
  • I gave up the message board and not only don’t I own one, I don’t frequent them either. I’m far less stressed and in general, a happier person.
  • I have one child in fifth grade, one in third and one who will start Kindergarten in the fall. I’m completely through with diapers, can I tell you how happy I am about that? But I’m also –><- this close to hormonal girl stage. Wish me luck.
  • I am still a big knitter, but I’m not totally obsessed, I do other things too. I’ve also designed and sell a couple of my patterns. It’s not much but it is rewarding.
  • I still have a few boxes in the garage, but it’s storage, not waiting to be unpacked. And it’s not the same garage.
  • I’ve bought a house (ok, so Hubster and I bought a house, on his salary, so what?)
  • I actually have pictures on the walls, and my own curtains hung (I have refused to hang things up just to pull them down a year later when we moved, so most of my stuff got put away until we bought the house.)
  • I’ve cut communications with my sister for the most part. If she calls me for some reason I’ll speak to her, I’ll even be nice, I don’t snub her. But I also don’t put up with her talking down to me or treating me badly. I like who I am and my life and I don’t need her approval to be happy.
  • I’ve written two books. One that has been submitted to publishers, and though not accepted I did get some very helpful feedback. The second (which has nothing to do with the first) is still being edited and will be submitted to publishers this year. Book 3 (sequel to Book 2 ) is in the planning stages.
  • I have good friends, both in town and through out the country.
  • This year I plan on reading far less, editing and writing take up much of the time I was spending reading, I‘m ok with the trade off.