we have had a really great holiday so far, my mom came for Christmas, and stayed for a few days, I smoked a prime rib for Christmas dinner and it was a huge hit. The kids got most of what they wanted, but they know not to expect everything on their lists.. (I encourage them to make long lists so I can pick and choose what I want to give them, and I tell them that Santa can’t get everything everyone wants, so they are happy if they get some of the stuff on their lists)

My oldest is thrilled with her high tops and mp3 player among other things but those were her favorites, my younger daughter is thrilled with her scooter and harmonica, something she had been asking for for several months, and my son is continuously building things with his much larger collection of legos and endlessly changing the track he insists is nascar for his motorized truck.

Hubster is thrilled with his made in the USA leather wallet and fishing chair that his children gave him (it’s a backpack beach chair, but we use them for lake fishing)

I am over the moon over the mixer that they all gave me, my old Kitchenaid was starting to give out and more than a few times I had discovered that it was too small for what ever dish I was making at the time. Now  I have a brand new 6qt, wonderfully large enough for what ever I choose to make, it has been put to good use already!

My dad has made a visit, and we were all thrilled to see him. My kids had a blast climbing all over their grandpa!

We are making plans for New Years. Since Hubster is off, we will probably watch movies all night long. I love an evening at home with my family!