Yes, I know, things on the blog have been slow, and kinda one subject for a while. But I have big news!! I’m still stuck in the NaNoWriMo hole!! Though a little differently. I hit 65k words the day before Thanksgiving (65,000 words, which equals about 260 pages, in only 24 days, who knew it could be done, much less that *I* could do it?) and I set it aside so I could concentrate on my holiday preparations. After we had finished with our celebration, on Saturday. I tried to go back to my novel on Sunday and I just couldn’t face it. I knew I had some changes that needed to be made, some missing scenes, and at least on scene that needs some major cuts. But I couldn’t force myself to concentrate long enough to get anything done. So I gave up. I stopped trying to force myself to work on this when it just wasn’t working and I took several days off.

On Tuesday when it had been almost a week since I had done anything on my story, I was feeling antsy and unable to concentrate on anything, not writing, not knitting or watching TV, I was a mess. I came to the conclusion that part of my problem was that I still had more story to tell. I had started this book with the vision of creating a series, and though I had most of the first story out, I still had lots of story floating around in my head. So I dug out a new composition book and started making notes and working on the plot for the next book. Several pages later I felt much better. I determined that I needed to go back to my notes from book 1 and check details on a specific character. (Yes, I have a spreadsheet with all the character details so I don’t get them mixed up. That is something that drives me nuts when I’m reading and I’m determined not to be guilty of it myself.) So I looked up what I needed and finished my notes for the time being.

Once I had all the book 2 plots and ideas out of my head and on to paper, I realized that I could now go back and work on editing book 1. That my thoughts on book 2 had been clogging things up and that now that I had them out, my mind could flow again. So that is what I have spent the last several days doing. In between loads of laundry, cooking dinner, filling cups, chasing kids, enforcing rules and smacking a husband who thinks up shit for me to do when he thinks I’m not busy enough, I read and edit a chapter at a time.

I am currently about 20% of the way through my first edit.  I still carry my composition book with me every where I go, so that I can take notes as things occur to me. When I finish this edit I will put book 1 away for a while and work on writing up book 2. I will edit book 1 at least once more, if not two or three times. But it will need to rest so I can look at it with a fresh perspective (plus, after book 2 is written it may give me more perspective into my characters or things that need to be changed.) I really want to have at least two books in the series done before I submit the first to publishers. We will see how that works out and how long it takes me.