Good progress today, per the specs of the assignment, (50,000 words) I am 1/3 of the way complete, and I am beginning to think I can get my complete story in, though it will probably take more words than that. Totally fine, just a bigger accomplishment for me. I was sweating it for a couple days, my word count was doing great and wonderful things but when you have almost 10k words and only two real scenes, and no plans on any others, it can lead to issues. Thankfully, at least to me, my mind woke up and I drafted a few more scenes.

The other thing I realized, late last night at almost 13k… I have no descriptions in my book. No clothes, no hair, no real locations… it’s not that I don’t know what they look like, or where they are, I know all that, but I was so busy concentrating on getting the story out that I forgot to add those details and I will have to go back and edit them in. But unless I have a word count issue or a sudden block, I have no plans of doing it right away.

My plan is to continue as I have been. Get the story down at least the rough draft of it, I can go back and move things around, flesh them out as I need to later, but before I worry about adding the extras like descriptions, I need to make sure the characters aren’t going to decide that they don’t like their lives and make a 180* turn and do something I totally hadn’t planned for instead of taking the path I think they will take. Strange as it may sound, I have had characters do it before.