I finially have all my books unpacked. What took so long? I didn’t have anywhere to put them. When we moved in I reserved a spot in my living room for bookcases… and that spot has remained empty for 15 months. Every time someone would suggest that I put something there, I would tell them, “No, that is where my bookcases will go.” to which they always asked if I was getting them soon, my answer was always that I had no plans to, but I couldn’t put something in the spot or the bookcases would never happen.

That spot on my wall would still be empty if something hadn’t drawn me to craigslist this morning. I almost never go to the local craigslist page, I find lots of things that I don’t need that I really want… or things I need but the price is just too high at the moment…

And then I found the listing… 4 bookcases, $15 each or $55 for all 4. It was a couple days old, so I wasn’t sure if they would still be available, but I sent the email asking about them anyway. They were still there.. I made an appointment to go look at them, figuring even if they looked like shit, but were structurally sound, I could paint them to something I liked and still come out on top… When I first saw them, the first thing I noticed is that they were pristine. Like new. I immediately said I would take them. I talked with the lady selling them, told her I was going to use them for the hard cover books I collect, and dvd’s in the main room of my house. We talked about ereaders and our individual desire to write, and what we like to write.. and she sold them to me for $50.. I was so thrilled.

I brought them home, set them up and started to fill them..


Not the greatest picture, because it was taken with my phone..and yes, that is my smallest monkey there in the corner.

I  moved all the books I had stashed in every corner of the house, I unpacked the last of the books from the garage, I had the small monkey moving all the extra layers (sometimes 3 layers deep) from the shelving unit that holds the dvd player… and an hour later we had this….


That still isn’t done, I have added quite a bit more as the day progressed. And I have been told by friends that I am more than a little bit obsessed. Why? Because the books are sorted by author and series. I would say that these are collectors bits to us, and so we have them sorted to be such… but it would be a lie. Before I got rid of all my paperback (most of them, there are still a few there…) They were kept sorted by author too…but I have to admit, my ebooks are sorted by author as well… when a person reads as much as I do, you have to have some method of sorting…

ok… I will also admit that I sort movies… by actor. I group movies with the same actor together. And I group series together too. Most of the movies in this picture aren’t done… yet. But give me time, I am sure one day my obsession will attack and I will be forced to do it again.