We took the kids to the zoo yesterday, made it an all day trip, we had a really great time, We got there when they opened and saw a lot of things we had yet to see… I have been several times and had never wanted to wait in the hour+ lines to see the Pandas… We went there first and had no lines, and lots of time to look and watch all we wanted. I got a few really great shots.



The zoo itself covers 107 acres, and we covered most of it, some parts as many as five or six times as we went from one exhibit or area to another. We saw lots of birds, some of which even seemed to pose for my camera.



We saw my dad, or what we used to tease my dad with..


And I would swear my son was there with him.


We got up pretty close to a couple of elephants, though most were not out in their pens, because keepers were cleaning and setting food in those pens.


and I will leave you with the picture that amused me the most..


The look on that face… it just screams… OMG, look who’s watching this!