it just irks me. There have been a string of these that really bother me, but two specific issues recently. Illegal immigrants, who feel it is the United States job to provide them with the lifestyle with which they would like to become accustomed. And any and everyone who thinks that the United States should apologize to Japan for the bombing of Hiroshima.

First, how it is the United States responsibility to help all the poor Mexican citizens who want to come to our country, illegally, and work. How dare we expect them to follow our laws, to contribute to the system, to pay their own medical bills. I am sorry that their government takes advantage of them, but I do not feel it is the United States job (and by extension, my job) to support them. But somehow, in the age of the liberal, it has become racist to want a secure border, and no more drug mules and smugglers making their way into our country to commit more crimes that our own government won’t even prosecute them for.

I will be the first to admit, not all illegal immigrants are Mexican, or Hispanic, I know this.. but here is something I would really like to know, but can’t find figures any where… I want an estimate of the population of each race of people in this country, and I want those figures compared with the numbers of each race of those who are here illegally.

For Example. how many Caucasians in the US? for sake of argument, I will say approx 200 million And how many illegal Caucasians? 1 million? That would work out to .5% of the Caucasian population in the US being illegal. What is that percentage for those of Hispanic / Mexican Ethnicity? African American? All of the races, I really am curious to know.

Maybe part of my strong feelings on the issue are because I live in an area strongly effected by the issue. I don’t know.


Second, as for apologizing to Japan for Hiroshima, I will never support ANY politician, leader, or  anything else who is in favor of offering Japan a blanket apology for Hiroshima. It would be the same as telling them that The United States is sorry for having defended ourselves, and that is completely unacceptable.

Yes, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Japan, why? To take out strategic military installations. Were there civilians killed in the bombing? Of course, but they were not the main targets. Was the attack unprovoked? No. After almost 3 years of fighting in the South Pacific, it was seen as the most effective solution to end the war.

The only form of apology that I will ever feel is acceptable is something along these lines:

I am sorry for the innocent people who died because the United States felt that the only way to end a war that Japan drew us into with an unwarranted attack. We regret the number of civilians who died in, what we felt was our only reasonable course of action at the time, in order to save our soldiers and our country.”

It isn’t like we pretended to be their friend while we snuck in, and bombed them early on a Sunday morning, now is it?