I am having a day. A day where I have a lot of things I want to do. I want to work on my book, I want to get house work done, I want to strangle the kids for irritating me. I work on some of it, and refrain myself from others.

I did finally share the file on my laptop of the book I started while visiting family, so that I can work on it on my desktop too, I opened the file this morning, but since it has been at least 10 days since I worked on it last I read through the whole thing (all of 4200 words) and added and tweaked and edited a bit, then continued with the story. The whole time I am working on it, I am listening to music, whether through headphones or with the speakers on my computer, and most of the day I get through less than a full song before a child comes up and needs attention. ALL DAY LONG.

Also, in an attempt to get something other than just writing done, and to get me up and moving some, I have instituted a new policy. I sit down and write, I work for 45 minutes, then I get up and do something around the house for 15 minutes, pick crap from the kids up, clean up the kitchen, fold and put away laundry, gather and sort laundry, the WHAT I do for 15 minutes doesn’t matter much as long as it is something having to do with housework. Then, when the 15 minutes are up, I can again sit down and work on my book.

I haven’t gotten a huge amount done, on either the house, or the book, but the progress on both shows. Now if only the kids would not pester me all day long, I might get more done.