I was in a mood today, so I decided that I needed to change things up.

School is starting (and my wallet sure knows it after supplying half the school with paper!) soon, and all our supplies are bought, I still need to find a few pairs of pants for my munchkins, but all else is done. My dining room table is covered with supplies to be hauled to class during the first week. My 4 year old is both excited to see his sisters go to school, and sad to see them go. He will miss being able to play with them and harass them all day long, but he will enjoy the time to himself too.. He will get to pick what he watches, what he plays, what toys he uses, and not have to share with his sisters. He will also enjoy spending his time with Mom, and not having to share my attention with the girls.

One major change though, when school let out, Hubster was working a swing shift, and now he is working days, so he won’t have Mom AND Dad to himself in the mornings. But I think he will manage. I am looking forward to fewer fights, less bickering, and way way less “Moooommmm, can we _____“ oh, and dragging all 3 to do what ever shopping I need to get done, where they always find 500 more things that we just HAVE to have. Plus, and this is a big one, if they are not here all day long, they are not making messes for me to clean up all day long.