is that after a few days you come to realize why you like living out of the immediate area.

Today was day eight of our visit, and I am ready to be home, in my own bed, with Hubster sleeping beside me. My own bathroom, my own shower, and my kitchen.

I am ready to not be in the middle of the huge amount of family drama that you get when you are surrounded by this much family. Most of it isn’t bad, but you always have a percentage of make you crazies… unfortunately, with the size of our family, the actual number of crazies seems high.

First you have my Bitchy Sister… whom, 9 months before she turned 30, suddenly told her husband of about 8 years, that she just isn’t happy and she wanted a divorce. Come to find out, she had been seeing a guy from work, who wasn’t separated from his wife either at the time…Boyfriend later leaves the wife, but soon gets caught driving drunk, at over 100 miles an hour, with his kids in the car. Said offence, if convicted will get him fired, so he quits his job before a conviction, after which he spends 90 days in jail.

Bitchy Sister is waiting for him when he gets out, and he lives off her for the next few months… they break up, she finds out she is pregnant, they get back together. About 5 months later, when she is about 6 months pregnant she finds  out that he has never had a job, he has another girlfriend. He tells her he is going to work, then goes to the other girlfriend’s house. Bitchy sis throws him out, and live moves on. 

I come down for a visit, take my kids to see her older daughter (6). While we are there she is telling me about this huge bash she has planned for the whole weekend of her birthday over Labor day weekend, with lots of booze and partying. Baby was born while we were here, daddy visits her in the hospital, and all seems to be hunky dory. I visited her in the hospital, and before the baby was 12 hrs old she tells me… Now I can have a beer and a cigarette! (Bitchy Sister is allergic to cigarette smoke) Bitchy Sister goes back to work in 8 weeks and has no child care lined up.

*shakes head* Her life, and her attitude make me glad I don’t speak to her much.

While visiting Bitchy Sister in the hospital, Princess (step)Sister shows up.. background on Princess Sister… She is 22, has been married 18 months, to the man she has been seeing since she was 15 and he was like.. 24. She has never had a job, she has no real life experience. She is 7 months pregnant, and has Gestational Diabetes. I ask what kind of diet they have her on… she says she put her self on a very low carb diet because the dietician she saw “Didn’t say nothin’ you couldn’t find on the internet”

So sitting in the hospital with Bitchy Sister, Princess Sister does nothing but bitch about how she can’t eat anything, and how she is the only one pregnant now… How she hates being pregnant and wants the baby to be born NOW.  By the way, Princess Sister did NOT quit smoking when she got pregnant.

*So glad I don’t deal with her on a daily basis*

Next we have bull riding cousin. He is not the brightest light on the family tree. Apparently, a couple of months ago he and his wife (whom he isn’t actually married to, they just told the whole family that they are) got into a huge fight and he took off… From what I hear, he went to a city about 2 hrs away and shacked up with an old girlfriend for 6 days. Everyone here was panicked, filed a missing person’s report, had all the cops in the state hunting for him… in the mean time… His “wife” dumped their son on some family member, told them she was going to a job interview in another city, 3 hrs in another direction, and went to shack up with one of her old boy friends, for several days.

She comes back… he comes back, he figures out what she has been up to, and confronts her about the lie… but they are apparently fine with it, and back together… I am told that epic fights between these two are regular occurrences.

*Another one I am glad I don’t deal with on a daily basis.*

Oh.. and the other thing I don’t miss… the constant hounding from some of my family about “The Church” . I have some pretty strong feelings about “The Church” but they aren’t the ones that my family is hoping to nurture.