Last night, a stray power surge knocked off my grandfather’s computer.. it would power up, and give me the option of normal boot or safe mode, but it just couldn’t manage to get all the way booted, in any mode. He was dreading having to haul it out to be serviced, both because it is a bit heavy for him these days (my grandfather will be 83 soon) and they really don’t have the extra money to pay someone to fix it..

I was pretty sure it was a corrupt boot file and could be fixed without a complete wipe of the system, so I called the family who lives in the area, and found where all his disks are kept and managed to do a system restore, from the windows disk, and though it wiped all windows updates, back to the day it was installed, that is about all they lost. All the documents, pictures, and even all the bookmarks are still there.

I was glad that I was around and able to do something to help, and he was glad he didn’t have to haul it in, pay someone to fix it, and be without it for days or weeks.

Plus, I managed to finish the baby blanket I have been working on for my sister’s baby while I was waiting for the computer to do it’s thing…. Good thing, she is at the hospital in labor now!

The kids did well, they went to VBS and played with their cousins… I showed a 10 year old cousin how to build card houses… and my 4 year old caught on really quick and spent his evening building a house that pretty much covered the living room floor… he was a bit disappointed when I told him it was time to break it down and put the cards away… Until I told him he could build it again tomorrow, then he was happy again. oh… to be that easy to please again!