Hubster has a week long National Guard drill, so instead of staying home, in the 115+degree heat, we decided that the kids and I would pack up, and take the trailer to see my family on the eastern side of the state… we know it is still hot there, but it is 10-15 degrees cooler than the third circle of hell, and the eastern side of the state gets monsoon rains, which  cools it off more…

So, this morning, I got up at 6:30, only to discover that Hubster had gotten up at 5, and done nothing towards the last minute loading and hooking up the truck to make the trip.. so I got started..

We didn’t make my 8am departure goal, but I knew we wouldn’t when I set the alarm at midnight last night. We did manage to pull out of town by 9, which worked for me.

We made the 365 mile trip, in just 6.5 hrs, which is really good considering we had 3 kids, towed the trailer (which slows the trip some) and we stopped and ate on the way.

Once we arrived here, we got the trailer all leveled, which is the only part that is difficult for me to do by myself (I can, but all the in and out, in and out, as I jack it up and check the level bubble is a pain in the butt.) I loaded everyone back into the truck and ran the errands that Hubster needed before dropping him off at the armory. His drill this month isn’t here in town, they took him to Phoenix this evening, I won’t see him for probably a week. Then I took the kid to see my sister and niece, where my sister (who is 9 months pregnant) volunteered to keep all 3 of my kids there with her 6 year old daughter.

So I found myself with an evening to myself.. and big partier that I am.. I came back to the trailer and got it all squared away, water and power all hooked up, made a list of the food we need.. (yea, we are at my grandfather’s but I can feed my kids, and not let them eat up all the food in the house) and I hit the store.. After I got back I did a  bit of cleaning up.. put all the food away, and I sat down at my laptop to see if I could get any writing done… I managed to do lots of avoiding, creating playlists, playing cards… But I managed a good start, the beginning of my tale, a general idea of what I want and a full 2 pages of story.

I have found that more than a general idea of what I want in a story, hinders me too much, it keeps the characters from developing personalities of their own as i try to shape them to fit the idea in my head, instead of letting who they are determine how they face a situation.

I will pick up my monsters in the morning, I am just hoping that I get to have some quiet each evening to continue the story, I think it has good potential, and really want to see where it goes.