if it isn’t one thing he is thinking up 3 more to do…

And the bathroom humor? Does it never get old? I have heard ‘If it poops, you scoop” about 40 million times. And can someone please explain to me why it is so humorous to either wedgie his sisters, or father, or to shove something in their underwear? What is the obsession with butts?

I give a child a job… usually one of the older kids, and the 4yo will incite them in not doing it, whether by making faces at them, telling them stories, to distract them, picking at them, hitting them to get them to chase him.. I swear, some days I wish I had pulled the car seat out of the car so I could strap him into it for a few minutes.

And while I am at it, it isn’t just the 4 year old… my 8 year old took a crayon and wrote the 4 year olds first initial in the middle of his forehead. WHY???