That in a lot of ways, I am very not-mainstream. I have always marched to my own drummer, and I guess, as I get older that continues. I really couldn’t care less what any one, out side the few people I have chosen, care about these things.

I am a 32 year old woman who believes that being home to raise my kids, and not shipping them off to strangers at a day-care, is one of the most important things I can do with my life.

I LIKE to cook 99% of my family’s meals, almost always from scratch. Yes, I admit, I like a break now and then and eating out… but for the most part, I like to cook. I love to have large groups of family come for occasions, and cooking for them.

I love to read, but reading to me is not a chance to further my mind.. now, I am not saying I don’t read news… but I rarely read non-fiction books.. I do read some historical, and a few biographies, but not many and when figured into the trashy fiction I read, it can be considered non-existent. And I am ok with that.

I have what is considered out of date, or old fashioned hobbies… I like to sew, I love to knit, and I think that hand made gifts, whether knit, sewn, cooked, or otherwise crafted, are some of the best ways to show someone how much you love them. I  generally take my knitting everywhere with me, even if it is just a small bag tucked into my purse with a sock on the needles, most people who actually comment, comment positively, but every now and then you get the odd comment… You know what I mean… “I thought that was something only old women do” or “WHY would you want to do something that makes you look so OLD?” I don’t bother to try to convince these misguided souls of how wonderful it is, they would never believe me anyway… I just smile as they walk away looking pitifully at the poor, under socialized person they think me to be.

I do basic household repairs… I can do basic auto repairs… I am not dependant on someone else to come do them for me. Several months ago, shortly after having moved into our new home, while the dishwasher was running one night, we suddenly heard water gushing, way more than we should have heard… so we (Hubster was home that evening, wonder of all wonders, since he was working swing shift) go in, turn off the water under the sink, clean up the mess and start investigating. We discover that the line-in hose for the dishwasher has ruptured, by this time is about 10:pm… so I tell him no problem, I will replace the hose the next day, and I get the tools to remove the hose… As I am laying on the floor, reaching under the dishwasher, pulling the broken hose off, Hubster asks several times if I am sure I can do this, or do we need to call a plumber. I assure him, no problem, it is just a simple hose, I can pick a new one up at Lowes the next morning and have it fixed long before noon… and guess what.. I did!

When we moved in, we bought a Reverse Osmosis system for our drinking water and ice… I installed that while Hubster was at work one afternoon… When we recently replaced our dryer, it didn’t come with a power cord (they never do, because of the different outlets, you have to buy one to match your outlet.) But I knew the cord on our old dryer was only a couple years old. I had had to replace it when we moved to town because the old house had a 3 prong outlet (over 50 years old) and the new had a 4 prong… so when the delivery guys got here, they couldn’t install an old cord on a new dryer, and I understand that, it is a liability for them, if the cord is bad and kills the new dryer, they could be blamed for it. So they unloaded the dryer, pulled my old one out and took the cord off the old one for me and I hooked the cord to the new dryer, the delivery guy was shocked, said he had never seen a woman do such a thing. To me it was no big deal… there was no live power running through the thing…and it is oh so difficult to take off 4 screws and match the color of wires and put the screws back… NOT. They finished the install, including hooking up the vent (which I am glad for, that is a pain in the butt.. trust me. I hooked up the old dryer.) I guess the point in all this is that I do a lot of the minor work around the house.. for several reasons… #1, Hubster works a lot, plus he is in school, and I have the time… #2. Hubster wasn’t raised to, and has no clue how to do some of it. #3. I hate paying someone else to do what I am perfectly capable of, and doesn’t take specialized skills.. #4, I get a kick out of it.

I used cloth diapers for one of my kids, and LOVED it. I don’t follow the standard vaccine schedule and I totally refuse some vaccines. I am seriously considering letting my kids hit a certain level in school, then pulling them and homeschooling them, because I  KNOW it will be a better education for them.

Yeah, I am a little bit unconventional… or non-mainstream, what every you want to call it… and you know what? I like me that way!