After we got back from camping, the heat here at home was extremely oppressive, the kids finished the last week of school, then started swimming lessons… We have had so many days over 110 that I have lost count..

We spent the Independence Day weekend camping on the Mogollon Rim, where it was much cooler, highs under 95. We played in a river, had water gun fights, camp fire with s’mores, even let the kids cook their hotdogs over the fire one night. I was not as rural or isolated as Big Lake, and no lake to fish in, but I have been told that there is some good fishing in the local streams. We scouted the rest of the campground we were in, our spot was not a bad site, it was outstanding for having reserved it only 3 weeks before, but we found better and plan on reserving the really good ones early for next 4th of July.

Next we have another trip across the state coming, anything to escape some of the heat! Plus it is great to visit family too. Then more swimming lessons before school starts in just another month (summer would seem to go so much quicker if it weren’t hotter than Hades outside!)