my sister is due with a baby in just 2 weeks, we didn’t know for most of her pregnancy what the sex was (the baby’s daddy didn’t want to know, so even though she found out at the U/S, she didn’t tell anyone, now the daddy is out of the picture, so the sex is public knowledge) so when I started the blanket, I used white, something basic, and yet gender neutral, I finished the blanket night before last, I love how it turned out.


It is done is a spider web pattern, the center panel from the Spider’s-web Shawls pattern in Victorian Lace Today.  Instead of the lace-weight yarn and size 6 needles that the book calls for I used a worsted weight cotton (it’s for a baby, it MUST be washable!!) and size 9 needles. If I hadn’t let it hibernate for several months on my end table, I probably would have finished it in about 3 weeks…

I got this huge rush as I cast off the last few stitches and wove in my tails, I had finished the blanket before the baby arrived!! And then I realized… my step-sister is due in just 6 weeks. I have another blanket to make, and fast this time.

So I searched. and looked and dug through my yarn stash. I found another cotton (yeah, I like cotton for baby blankets) this time in shades of pink (since I know at the point of casting on that this baby will be a girl) and I cast on… I have been knitting hard for the last 2 days,  and I am some where between 1/3 and 1/2 done with it. When I get it done, I will share pictures. I am pleased. it is turning out well.