Friday was my now 10yo daughter’s birthday, she has been begging for a party with all her friends so we talked about it… She didn’t have a lot of people she wanted to invite, but she wanted more than a family party. I talked to Hubster, we decided that she could have a slumber party, if she got her chores all done before hand.

She got all her chores done and she ended up inviting 5 girls for her sleep over. Only two ended up making it, but they spent most of the night up, playing on the Wii, watching movies, and talking in general. I gave up waiting for them to go to sleep around two am. Supposedly they stayed up until 4:30. We got up the next morning, and I baked muffins. Once all the guests were gone the kids and I did very little, we lunged around the house, and dozed most of the day. It was a nice relaxing afternoon.

10 Yo’s favorite gift is an ereader, she loves it, she keeps finding hiding places, plugging in her headphones, and listening to music while she reads.

Mother’s day we didn’t do much, we did clean up the house after the party, and did the laundry the weekend chores that had to get done. It was a nice relaxing weekend, but I will be glad when Hubster gets home again.

He had me order a reader for me for Mother’s Day, the same model we got for the 10 yo, but she got purple and I got red.. it will be here in a few days and after some use I will do a review.