We managed to get a lot done this weekend, all the laundry got done, and the weekend house work, but on top of that we got the trampoline assembled, it had been waiting on some weights / tie downs to keep it from flipping in the winds we get here and being destroyed. I also put together the firepit I picked up for Hubster during the post Christmas clearance, it was marked down 30%, and since he had wanted one at full price… (plus, it is a compromise, I get him a firepit, so that he can indulge his pyro tendencies outside, and he doesn’t insist on putting a fireplace into my house. Especially since it never gets cold enough to warrant a fire in the house, here in the third circle of hell.)

We got most of the goat heads cut and cleaned up in the back yard too, it looks much better there. Now we will see if the inlaws actually show up for Easter.