We have had installers here for the last week, working on installing solar panels on my roof, they are finished with the install, and are just waiting for inspections, from both the city and the power company, before they can be hooked up, and we can be using solar power, at least partly. I am excited, I would dearly love to see our power bill go down. We know this won’t eliminate it completely, as it is only about 1/3 of the total system we need, but it is a start, and what we can afford to get installed now, so it is what we are starting with.

I have been staying busy since we got back from visiting my family. I work on the housework first thing in the morning, getting what needs to be done for the day done, then I spend the afternoons and evenings doing things with the kids, or listening to audio books and knitting. I have managed to get quite a bit done on my current shawl project. It is a hexagonal spider-web shawl, and I am working on round 145 of  160 or so, and then I have a border to put on, I am still debating on what exactly to do for it. I have only been working on it for 14 days, so I am feeling very upbeat about it. I may get it done in the next week or so, that would be a record for me.