I have made a point as my kids get older to share some of my favorite childhood movies with my kids. They love all of the Back to the Future movies, they have seen all of my favorite Disney movies, Ole’ Yeller, Parent Trap, Swiss Family Robinson, and while they may not be favorites for them, they have enjoyed them and we all watch them occasionally.

And then there was Anne.

When I was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10, I don’t remember my exact age, I saw the Anne of Green Gables Miniseries on TV, and the sequel to it, and I became instantly enthralled. I hit the library and hunted down the books and devoured them all. Over the years I have read them several times. and I still totally love all things Anne.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I walked into a second hand store one day and found  a box set of the entire Anne collection, still in the shrink wrap, for $6. I snatched that puppy up and have yet to let go of it. I have read it a couple of times since.

Now, my oldest child is swiftly approaching 10, and she is a voracious reader, so I figured that this is the right time. I have suggested that she read the books several times, but she has been uninterested. I have looked locally for the movies, but have been unable to find them. And then, at the first of the year, we started with Netflix. And guess what? They had it, so I requested the first miniseries.

We got the movie in with yesterday’s mail, and we all sat down as a family to watch it, Yes, even Hubster. It turns out that he loved the movies, and even the books, also, though for different reasons, he had a huge crush on Megan Follows, who played Anne. Anyway, we settled in to watch it, and we all really enjoyed it. I am still trying to convince the oldest rug-rat to read the books, but she liked the movie well enough that she is watching it again today. I love when the kids enjoy my childhood favorites.