Today has been busy. And it was far better than I had anticipated… it started out not so great, but it improved. It started out slow, as, thankfully, all our vacation days have… the kids wake late, we wake late, and it is even later by the time we dress and eat and are moving around. Hubster realized at 9:25 that he was supposed to pick up his mother, who lives 30 minutes from where we are, at 10:00 and take her to the Social Security office. So he rushed off, taking our only vehicle, leaving me here with our 3 kids, thankfully, not the nieces, because school started here today. I had no clue what we were going to do all day long, because I *knew* that a visit to a Social Security office on the first Monday of the month was not going to be a quick thing. I was not a happy camper.

I got the kids all ready to go in to the house and bathe (no sewer hook up here, so we are using limited water in the trailer)  just as I get them in the house and situated, and I am about to climb into the shower my phone rings, Hubster is 15 minutes away, headed through town, and he has to stop, do we want to go into the town with the SS office with him? (it is also the town I was needing to go into to get a bit of shopping done) I jumped at it. I got my girls through the fastest showers of their lives and got them dressed and back out to the trailer, we were just getting hair done when Hubster got here. We finished getting ready and took off.

I was able to get my shopping done, my girls needed some warmer clothes, it is hard to find more than just gray solid sweatshirts where we live, it just doesn’t get cold often enough for most stores to stock them.  I walked into Kmart, which shared a parking lot with the SS office, and found sweats for my kids, with cute prints on them for $3 a piece. and a fleece jacket for my 3yo, for only $4, we got enough to last us the winter, and hopefully into next winter. When we were done in the store the kids and I sat out in the back of our Yukon, we opened the back gate and played games and waited, it wasn’t a long wait before Hubster and MIL joined us and we headed back. 

We stopped and at a local Chinese food place (only our second restaurant meal this trip!!) and took MIL home, and dealt with a little more business there, determined what work needed to be done on her place that we could do in the next day, to help her out and then came back to SIL’s.

We set the kids to cleaning up their mess once we arrived and I worked on cleaning up stuff in the trailer, I find my self doing this a couple of times a day as we are out here, 5 people in this small space, I am always picking up something. 

I discovered a short time later that one of the nieces didn’t come home after school like she was supposed to, and that caused a whole new drama. Her mother knew where she was, but it wasn’t where she was supposed to be. I was very careful not to tell SIL how I would handle it or how I thought she should handle it but I did tell her that if it were MY 15 year old who pulled this, there is no way that she would be getting her drivers license any time soon.

Our plan for tomorrow is pretty simple, pick up the stuff that we determined we could do to help  out MIL, and deal with it. I plan on sealing some windows, filling a couple of cracks in walls, changing locks. Nothing really complicated but some things that will really help her.