We are enjoying the opportunity to sleep late and not get moving until we are well rested.  I turn down the heater in the trailer while we sleep, I drop thermostat as far it will go. My oldest daughter has instructions that when she gets up she can set the thermostat to a specific temperature, and it will start warming up. This is especially handy for me, since she tends to get up much earlier.

Anyway, we got up, and, again, I fed the kids, this morning they ate much better than yesterday, a full meal, not just the grazing bit they ate yesterday. And then I told them they could go in the house, well, there were only kids and teenagers in the house, mostly asleep, as everyone else had left. BIL (Brother in Law) and his family  had gone home (they live an hour or two from SIL (Sister in Law), not sure where exactly) and SIL had taken MIL (Mother in Law) home, she lives about 30 minutes away but had spent the last two days here.

So a bit later, I go out to fill the water tank on the trailer (as all we had  was what remained of the 1/3 tank I had put in before we left home to run the toilet.) Anyway, just as I was coiling up and draining my hose (it is cold here, I really don’t want my good hose to freeze and break because I left water in it)  SIL comes out of the house and gets in the car, Hubster hands me his coffee cup and tells me he is going with his sister, not that he had any clue where she is going, or when they will be back, but he is going.

I go inside the house, where my kids are, to see what is going on, there are 5 kids 10 and under, and a 15 year old, they are all doing well, not tearing the place down, and the 15 year old is watching the younger ones. I made sure there was no catastrophe, and I left. I was not going to stay in a room with 6 kids, 2 of which I cannot stand. Especially for an undermined amount of time.

About an hour or so after they left, Hubster and SIL return, Hubster comes out and tells me he has a money order from his sister, and he is going to make a payment on her electric bill, because they are about to be shut off… Well.. Initially I might feel sympathy for the situation, except that so far I have seen 3 of the newest model Ipod Shuffle, and a Wii that she has gotten her kids for Christmas.  On top of the fact that this type of thing is typical, she can barely make the bills, but the kids all have cell phones and all have whatever the newest gadget is. To me…that is not just poor money management, it is irresponsible, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

So a few hours later Hubster hands me the money order and tells me I need to go cash it, and where to go, a local grocery store. When I ask him if he wants me to get anything, he just says “Ice cream.” So off I go with my shadow (my younger daughter had lost her glasses, took hours to find them, in the mud outside, her punishment was to be my shadow, sit next to me, go where I go, and no playing, for 2 hrs. This is not her first episode of losing glasses, she has worn them for sometime, and has to learn the responsibility for them some time, all my in-laws kept telling me I was to rough on her over this. Yeah, I am so going to take parenting advice from a professional bum and a woman who 2 out of 3 kids are so bratty and snotty I will not put up with them.) I realize once we get there that it is after 3 and they have nothing planned for dinner, so I call and find out what they want and get the ingredients, because, after 12 years I know what will happen, they will start thinking dinner at 5, then decide they have to shop first, and we won’t eat till 10.

While at the “grocery store” (I have never seen a grocery store with 5 aisles of alcohol) I found Hiram Walker brand Amaretto, I can never find this in Arizona. It‘s not expensive, just hard to find, so I bought it. I will take it home and enjoy at my leisure..

I got all the stuff for dinner and once I returned, started cooking. While I was cooking Hubster and his sister were discussing their childhood (why it must be relived every time they get together, I have no clue, but apparently, it is a must.) Most of the conversation wasn’t fit for children’s ears so they ran the kids off to play in another room twice, and then they went outside, leaving me alone in the house cooking, with said children. When SIL’s youngest daughter decided to try to follow them outside Hubster opened the door and told her to stop, when I realized what she had done, I chewed her out, I didn’t yell, I didn’t cuss (massive amount of restraint for me there, this child annoys the shit out of me) I told her that they were discussing something her mother didn’t want her to hear, they had told her to go away twice, and since she wouldn’t go, they went where she couldn’t here and she was NOT going to follow them there. And then I went back to my cooking. I noticed a few minutes later that she had disappeared, and realized that she was hiding from me.

I was just finishing dinner about the time that Hubster and SIL came inside the house, and Hubster was dishing out the spaghetti and I was passing plates out to kids when the girl appears, curls herself into her mother and start sobbing, not just crying *sobbing*. When SIL asked her what was wrong, I told her, she was upset because I chewed her out for trying to follow them outside when they had left so that the kids couldn’t hear them. SIL comforted her and babied her until she calmed down. THIS is why this child is such a brat and I refuse to put up with her. Now, lest you think I am being unreasonable, this is not a 3 or 4 year old, this girl is 9, she is old enough to go away, to know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Apparently, SIL and I have two totally different level of acceptable.

School starts back up here tomorrow, and SIL has to work, not sure what we are going to spend the next two days doing, but Hubster has decided that we are to stay here until Wednesday. Oh, Joy. Oh Bliss.

Pass the shot glass any time now.