that I am tired of wearing everything I cook. I make cookies, flour poofs up and I wear it all down my front. I make dinner and something splashes out of the pan, and all down my front.. I wash dishes and I splash dishwater out of the sink and all down my front (sensing a theme here?) I can’t begin to count how many shirts I have lost, to becoming hopelessly stained from being splashed by what I am cooking. The worst culprets are spaghetti sauce and oil. EVERY time I fry some thing, even if it is in a single tablespoon of oil, it pops up and leaves oil spots on my clothes.

I am sick of it. I need an apron. One like my grandmother used to wear. Thankfully she used to make her own, and it was a pretty simple pattern. I  think I can wing it, and make my own.. now to raid my fabric stash and dig out my sewing machine… I’ll let you know how things go.