I mean 3 appliances having issues right?

it all started with the DVD player / surround sound system , the DVD player part quit back in October, we took it in to be looked at, because it was under warranty, they repaired it for free.

Then my camera… BTW, they called on Monday, it can’t be repaired, apparently there is some so called Moisture damage that is unrepairable. they are shipping it back to me, it still works but the LCD screen doesn’t work. I just have to look through the eye piece to take pictures. *note to self, don’t let Hubster use my camera anymore.

Third… last night about 10:30 we hear water gushing in the kitchen, well, the dishwasher was running and we thought it was draining.. after it continued for several minutes, way to long to be draining we investigate, the kitchen is flooded. I turn off the water under the sink, clean up the water everywhere, remove the access panel from under the dishwasher and have Hubster turn the water back on while I watch under the dishwasher to see exactly what the problem is. The water supply hose has sprung a leak. I decided to leave it until morning, because I couldn’t fix it right them anyway.

So this morning I get he pliers, pull the hose off, take it in to Lowes and get a new hose. Come home and install it. Total cost. $10. 82

The longest part of the whole thing, other than waiting for the store to open was the drive to and from the store to get the part. So much faster and cheaper than calling a plumber.