This is what my husband told me this afternoon. I wasn’t being particularly nosey, at least I didn’t think so. I asked a simple question, with a reason behind asking. And in response I was given a “Mind your own business.” in a hateful tone. I wanted to kick him, I wanted to scream, I did neither. instead I hid until the initial hurt passed, and then I proceeded to ignore him.

If he wants me to mind my own business, I will. I will no longer do the little things I do for him just to make him happy. I no longer make the coffee I don’t drink, I no longer wash or fold or put away his laundry those things are his business, not mine and I have been told to mind my own.

I fully expect him to tell me I am blowing it out of proportion and to grow up, it won’t work. I am on strike, or in other words, very carefully minding my own, and the childrens’ business until he gets his head out of his ass.