ok, this time, it is a win.. and oh so simple…

I did a bit more research into cookies made with steel cut oats. this time, not just searching for the names steel cut oats, but also irish oatmeal, scottish oatmeal and pinhead oats. I found one message board entry, somewhere, I don’t remember where, in which the author said they had simply substituted steel-cut oats for rolled oats in their favorite oatmeal cookie recipe and the results were really good, but slightly crunchier than their usually chewy cookie. So, bolstered by this discovery, I ventured forth and attempted my oatmeal cookies yet again

This time I changed little. I used entirely brown sugar instead of my usual 2/1 brown to white ratio, I did this because I just like the flavor of brown sugar better. The only other change I made in my recipe was instead of the usual 4 C. of rolled oats that I usually use, I used 3 C. of pinhead oats. I decreased the amount for two reasons…

  1. the original recipe that I adapted years ago called for 3 cups, but I added a cup  because I liked the tooth of it, better, with the harder oats, I thought that the smaller amount might be better.
  2. I only had 3 C of steel-cut oats left. (note to self, time for another trip to the health food store)

I will admit that I did use mini M&M’s in place of chocolate chips, but I don’t think of this as a change, this is something I do regularly, depending on which is cheaper when I am buying chocolate.

I baked them as usual, they did take a little longer to bake, and were still very soft when they came out of the oven but quickly firmed up when they cooled, to make a nice, chewy cookie. I let them cool for a few minutes on the pan, then moved them to the counter top to finish cooling, before sealing them in a zip top bag.

After the first batch cooled, I let the kids each sample one. The ones old enough to do more than just demand more cookies swear that these are better than my usual oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. And I will admit, that *gasp* yes, I even ate one of the baked cookies, they were good. I may have another some day, not today, but someday (*disclaimer, my someday comment is not because the cookies are not good, they are, but personally, I prefer to eat my cookies before they are baked) I think I may continue to make them this way.  We shall see what the Hubster has to say about them, but I don’t foresee any negative comments.