I am preparing for a trip this weekend, my uncle is graduating from collage, the first in that side of my family to do so, so he is excited, and we are all going up to support him.  In our planning for this trip, (he lives 3 hrs away from us) we discovered that we can take our travel trailer, and stay two nights for less than one night in a motel would cost us. Plus, we would have our own sheets and the ability to cook if it suited us (not that we plan on it, but I have a severe dislike for restaurant breakfasts, so it is a big help there.) So we made a deal with my mother, who will also be there. She offered to pay for the lot for both nights (still, cheaper than a room for her for one night) and we would just have to pay the extra gas to tow the trailer up there. Works for me.

So I have spent the last several days making sure the trailer is ready to go… clean bedding, towels, etc. stocked with food stuffs, and essentials, toothbrushes, tooth paste, hair stuff, etc. Plus, this weekend is one of the kids birthday, so we can do something special for her while we are out of town. Go somewhere special, etc.

On a totally different note, I received an email last week from a blogging group I joined several months ago. I didn’t think a whole lot about it… read it, dismissed it and dropped it into the trash. But the more time went by, the more the idea in it grew on me. The email was a challenge. A challenge to write a 50,000 word book during the month of November.

Now.. I have toyed with the idea of writing for years. And, I admit, even attempted it a few times, but never got further than 3 pages before I gave up and moved on to something else. So this time around, I started thinking about it, and the idea just wouldn’t go lay still… So I started working on a plot outline, and basic character details for my story, intending to get all the basics worked out over the next couple of weeks and  start on Nov 1st writing my book. Hahahahaha… I should have known better. Once the idea really took seed in my mind I couldn’t stop myself from starting. 

I started writing out my story on Saturday (Oct 17th for those keeping track). Hubster was gone for the weekend, but the kids were home from school, so I was limited to first thing in the morning and after the kids were in bed, and any other quite moments I could con the kids out of (mind you, we had a particularly hot weekend, temps tipping into the 100’s again, so the kids didn’t want to go outside…) Hubster came home Sunday evening, and has called in sick both days since (yes, he really is sick, but a whiney sick that makes me want to shoot him, just to put him out of my misery) and I have discovered that if he is home, and in the same room with me, I can’t concentrate on the story… (This may be partly do to not having told him what I am up to yet, or general annoyance at him, I am not sure.)

Anyway… As of this morning (wed, Oct 21st) I have approx. 11,000 words, and some where near 30 pages, that is full letter size pages, not book size pages. I think I am making good progress… but it means I am staying busy… When I get to a point that I am not certain what comes next, I plug in my headphones to my mp3 player, and I go work on housework… My house is looking the best i has in weeks, and I am making real progress in the story.

I am not really looking to have said book published.. I am not certain what I will do with it. If I am pleased with the results, I may MAY, decide to publish it here, a chapter at a time. We shall see how things go.