*sigh* I have a Frigidaire glass surface stove. Said stove is all of 3 months old, we bought it when we bought the house, as we didn’t have one, and the house didn’t either.  Fast forward to 2 1/2 weeks ago… I was steaming pumpkin, and had a covered pan on the burner, with a quart of water in it, and a lid on, I set the burner on 3.  Less than hour later, the pot had boiled dry, and the pan had melted into the burner.

I looked up Frigidaire stoves online, and found that there was a recall on certain models, for exactly this problem.  I called the recall number, gave them the model number and the serial number of the stove, the told me it was one of the recalled stoves, and they would ship me the recalled part, when that arrived I needed to call them back and schedule the tech to come out and do the replacement. That tech would have to look at the glass top and determine if it had to be replaced. In the mean time, don’t use the stove.

Three days later I got a call from the same people, calling to schedule a tech to come out and do the replacement, they scheduled for today, and told me that if the part wasn’t here yet, to call them back and reschedule.

So last night, when the part hadn’t arrived yet, I called the recall number, to reschedule today’s appointment. The person I spoke to there tells me that there has been a mistake, my stove is not one of the recalled stoves and I will need to call a different number and speak with Frigidaire. Frigidaire’s offices were already closed for the day.

I called Frigidaire today. I explained the entire thing, the burned pan incident, the calling the recall number, the part not arriving and calling back, and being told my stove is not recalled, the entire story.  He took all my information, he looked up the stove, yes it is recalled, yes, because the pan, which should never have melted into the burner on 3, did melt into the glass, the glass has to be replaced. He ordered both parts to be shipped to me, and because the normal recall technician does not install the glass tops, he found me another local tech. Gave me the company, contact and phone number for them, once the parts are here, I call them and they will come repair the stove. In the mean time, I can use the oven, but not the cook top.

Two hours later, the recall center, calls me, the same center that called and scheduled the install in the first place. They tell me that my part will be here on friday, they can schedule a tech to come install it after that… I politely explained the whole thing, that I had been told it wasn’t a recalled item, by them, but Frigidaire themselves were handling it and they were doing a far better job than the recall center (meaning that they were replacing the glass top without a fight.)

I guess the moral of this story is always call the manufacture if you have an issue after a recall, not the recall help line.

I just want my stove back, my family is getting sick of crockpot and grilled food.