You can always tell when I am not constantly sweltering in my own house… Because when it is not so hot in the house that I can’t move without dripping sweat, I bake all our bread from scratch. It is still warm, don’t get me wrong, still topping 100 as often as not, but at least now the nights are cooling off.  And I can stand to turn the oven on for the 45 minutes it takes to bake a couple loaves of bread.

We really prefer the home made bread to mass market bread for several reasons… It tastes better, we know exactly how old it is, and exactly what went into it. No preservatives, nothing we can’t pronounce. Just yummy goodness.We are able to adjust our recipe, or use different recipes, to meet our needs, whether we want a crusty bread for hubby’s sandwiches or garlic bread, or a soft, slightly sweeter bread for the kids sandwiches, or even a batch of hot rolls instead of loaves. It costs WAY less.

I did the math last winter… If I buy the flour at Walmart, it costs about 50 cents to make a loaf of bread (this is assuming I have bought my yeast at Sam’s or Costco, in bulk, because it is WAY WAY cheaper that way. ) If I buy the flour at Sam’s Club, then it costs us about  25 cents a loaf. Since we do a lot of baking, we opt for getting our flour by the 25lb bag at Sam’s though I am on the look out for a container that seals completely, with no air holes, so that I can get the 50lb bag and have someplace to store it.. Now that I have a walk in pantry, this is much more likely. Yeah, so I am a stock-piler… so what?